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In Touch Japan Workshop 2023

Japanese medicine in Japan

November 4 - 12 2023, 9 AM - 5 PM

Location: Tokyo, Japan

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About the workshop

Where: Toyo ShinKyu Senmon Gakko, Tokyo, Japan

When: Exact dates to be confirmed:

Optional 11/4/2023 - Foundational Japanese acupuncture and moxa technical review *required for those not currently in ShinKyu University or those without substantial prior experience in Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion.

11/5/2023 - Group trip and welcome dinner

11/6/2023 - 11/7/2023 - Sugiyama Waichi Guide Tube style techniques with Oura Sensei, Learn with current Japanese acupuncture students, campus tour, museum tour

11/8/2023 - A full day of moxibustion application

11/9/2023 - Japanese Meridian Therapy 

11/10/2023 - Iyashi No Michi

*Optional 11/11 - 11/12 Continued Iyashi No Michi workshop

Qualifications for the trip: You must be in school or a qualified acupuncturist in your country. Those without previous Japanese acupuncture/moxibustion education will be required to attend an extra preparatory day before the workshop begins.

Extras: We will be having a group field trip on the Sunday before and a welcome/farewell dinner. Those interested will be able to also participate in a two-day intensive Iyashi No Michi workshop at the end of the seminar.

Where: This workshop will be held at Toyo ShinKyu Senmon Gakko, which is located in the center of Tokyo and easily accessible from all areas of Tokyo.

When: November 2023 *Exact dates TBD*

CEUS: OF COURSE! 35 Nccaom/CA pending with an optional 21

Price: To be announced - All ShinKyu University members get an automatic $200 off.


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