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By ShinKyu University

Foundations of Shonishin - Level 1

Learn the foundations of Shonishin technique or refine your current practice and the most common pediatric presentations and how to use Shonishin to treat them.

  • May 18-19 2024

  • 9 AM to 5 PM

  • SOURCEPOINT SHIATSU CENTRE, 3261 Heather Street (at 16th Ave.),Vancouver, British Columbia,Canada. V5Z 3K4

  • About the workshop

    Come and learn not only how to create your Shonishin practice, from technique to application.

    Day 1: We will cover the following: understand the foundations of running a pediatric practice, basic technique of Shonishin, how to read the skin to diagnose, beginning practice.

    Day 2: Day 2 will comprise of continued practice of the basic forms of Shonishin in 2 person pairs and a possible live demo. Theoretical explanations of presentation and application of the most common pediatric presentations will be spliced in between practice throughout the day.

    As with all ShinKyu courses, the most important aspect of the medicine is to palpate and understand where the client needs to be treated rather than how the textbook advices.

    ShinKyu University students will get advanced training throughout the workshop to compliment our monthly workshops. If you are not a member of the platform and would like to join, please setup your interview now to see if it's a good fit for you.

    **This class is considered Level 1 of the ShinKyu certification program in Japanese Shonishin.

    Part of this workshop will, of course, will be the introduction to the Iyashi No Michi treatment method and understanding how hara palpation and finding live points is so important in the application of moxibustion. Current ShinKyu University members will be expected to help new students learn the basics of rolling while getting advanced teaching and critique of their current practice. During the practical application, ShinKyu community members will get advanced teaching on palpation of live points and understanding how their moxa affected the system.

    For those who would like to become a ShinKyu University member please do so by setting up your interview for the mentorship now!

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