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by ShinKyu University

Foundations and Advanced Applications of Tonetsu Kyu (half-grain moxa) and Chinestu Kyu Live Workshop



March 4-5 2023, 9 AM to 5 PM

Location: Tuscon, Arizona


About the workshop

Come and learn not only how to create tonetskyu (half grain moxa) and chinestukyu and advanced application of these techniques in both a dispersing and tonifying methods.

Day 1: Either beginning your tonetsukyu (direct moxa) practice or refining it. Working into how to apply direct moxa as both dispersive and tonifying.

Day 2: Continue working on perfecting the tonetsukyu (direct moxa and then learn chinestukyu or double-check the creation of and then work on the application of chinestukyu vs tonetsukyu.

Important here is the palpation to FIND the points that need to be treated and then apply the medicine and double checking with your palpation to confirm that the medicine was applied correctly.


Part of this workshop will, of course, will be the introduction to the Iyashi No Michi treatment method and understanding how hara palpation and finding live points is so important in the application of moxibustion. Current ShinKyu University members will be expected to help new students learn the basics of rolling while getting advanced teaching and critique of their current practice. During the practical application, ShinKyu community members will get advanced teaching on palpation of live points and understanding how their moxa affected the system.

For those who would like to become a ShinKyu University member please do so by setting up your interview for the mentorship now!

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